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In late April, the Wembley Stadium in London will host a battle between Ukrainian Wladimir Klitschko and British Anthony Joshua. At stake is the IBF World Champion title, owned by Joshua, and the vacant WBA and IBO belts. “GORDON” tells about the first in a year and a half duel with the participation of a Ukrainian athlete.

Klitschko will enter the ring for the first time since November 2015, when he lost points to Tyson Fury and lost all the championship belts after more than a decade at the top of the heavyweight division. It was expected that Klitschko and Fury would meet again, but first the fight was canceled because of Fury’s injury, and then he was caught in drugs and drugs, and he announced his retirement from the sport.

anthony joshua vs wladimir klitschko news
Anthony Joshua: Please don’t told wladimir klitschko

Fight Joshua – Klitschko also had to pass earlier, in December 2016. But the fight was postponed to April 29, 2017 because of a Ukrainian trauma.

At Wembley awaited sold-out, all tickets (they were sold at a price of $ 50 to $ 2,5 thousand) for the bout sold out. According to the German tabloid Bild, watching a fight at the stadium in the capital of the United Kingdom will be 90 thousand people – this is the maximum for Britain in 78 years. The last time at Wembley so many spectators gathered in 1939 for a match between Len Harvey and Jock McEvoy. In 2014, a duel between Carl Froch and George Groves brought together 80,000 people.

Portal Boxing Insider named the upcoming match Joshua – Klitschko “first in a long time really big fight.”

“In April 2017, for the first time in a fairly long time, we will get a really big fight in the heavyweight division.” Klitschko dominated the division for a long time, but now he is over 40. Moreover, he lost his belt in a fight against Fury for more than a year Back and since then has not stepped into the ring, Joshua is not only an undefeated fighter, but also a boxer who won all his fights by knockout, “the material says.

At the age of Klitschko all sports portals are accentuated: on March 25, Vladimir will be 41 years old – for boxing this is a lot. Although there were boxers who won the championship belts and at a later age. For example, an American George Foreman became the IBF champion in 1994 – at the time he was 45.

Wladimir Klitschko vs Anthony Joshua
Wladimir Klitschko vs Anthony Joshua Face to Face

“Of course, it’s worth considering that Klitschko is no longer young, it’s not a 27-year-old star who has the whole career ahead of him (Anthony Joshua is now 27 years old.) This is a 40-year-old man who is looking for the right opportunity to get out of the sport that made him Rich and famous, some believe that Klitschko looked old already in a fight against Fury.The truth is that he is actually old, at least for a professional fighter.Simply put, time is no longer on Klichko’s side, “notes Boxing Insider.

Nevertheless, the Ukrainian side has a huge experience. For him, the battle with the British will be 69th in his career, for Joshua – the 19th. Sports portal ESPN notes that in a duel with Klitschko, “wishing to restore past glory,” Anthony Joshua should not expect “a walk in the park.”

“You will still see some spectacular fights in the ring with my participation.” I had not yet thought of stopping, I had not thought about it even after the defeat from Fury and the loss of all the belts. “I will continue to speak until I Healthy and motivated, “- said Klitschko, Jr. in October last year in an interview with German media.

In this case, the favorite of the fight is still considered Joshua. “It is he who is the main contender for the status of the future king of heavyweight,” writes Boxing Insider, noting that the British need to cope with this “with a colossal nervous strain before the main battle in his career,” and “cope with the vast experience of Klitschko.”

The Ukrainian boxer with the status of the applicant also agrees.

“I’m an underdog (outsider) in this fight, and it’s really interesting for me.” “I have not been in this situation for so long.” I’m an official contender. – he said in an interview with Sky Sports in early March.

Preference Anthony Joshua give and bookmakers. The respectable British firm William Hill accepts bets on his victory with a coefficient of 1.40, whereas Klitschko’s win is 3.00 (the lower the ratio, the higher the probability that it will happen). At the Ukrainian bookmaker “Favorite” the gap between Joshua and Klitschko is slightly less: 1.63 against 2.50.
In this case, ex-WBC world champion Deontey Wilder (he won the belt after retiring from boxing Vitali Klitschko) believes that Joshua does not have enough experience to oppose Vladimir.

“This is boxing and this is a heavyweight division, in which a lot is based on the power of the strike, and each of these guys can knock out their opponent with one blow, but I remain at the opinion that it’s still too early for Joshua to fight with Klitschko,” said he.

However, in October last year, the lack of experience did not seem to Wilder problem and he put on the victory of the British.

Wladimir Klitschko boxer
Wladimir Klitschko boxer

The portal of Boxing Insider believes that the future king of the heavyweight division will be determined on April 29. “Although Joshua and Klitschko fight is a purely European disassembly, this duel should have a big resonance in America, if only because the two best fighters in the heavyweight will fight for the world Domination: everyone understands that the winner of the fight between Joshua and Klitschko will rule the division. ”

In the event of a victory over Joshua, Klitschko will be able to return three of the five championship belts he lost in the fight against Fury: IBF, WBA and IBO. Belonging to WBO champion belt in the end of 2016 was won by New Zealand boxer Joseph Parker. The title of the champion of the magazine The Ring is now with Tyson Fury, Klitschko follows him. To regain the title of champion, Klitschko must either defeat Fury, or defeat Deontey Wilder (second after the Ukrainian in the ranking).

In case of defeat of the Ukrainian, Joshua to his belt champion IBF will add vacant WBA and IBO champion titles.
Broadcast a duel in Ukraine, most likely, will be the channel “Inter”, which showed all the battles involving the Klitschko brothers over the past decade. “GORDON” will conduct a text-based broadcast of the battle.

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