Why the Mayweather-McGregor fight is already a reality?

About three years ago, on a thematic MMA-public in the domestic social networks a character named Krasav (CONOR MCGREGOR) appeared. They were a young fighter from Ireland, bearing the name of a famous compatriot – actor Ewan McGregor. The boy liked to communicate with the press, wore a fashionable Iroquois, and on his back he had a spiral with spines on the entire spine (the famous gorillas and a tiger were not there at that time).

His path to the UFC Krasava began with a bright victory over the strong Marcus Brimage, who was on a three-legged winning streak in the elite league.

floyd mayweather vs conor mcgregor
Why floyd mayweather vs conor mcgregor fight is already a reality

His Irishman “turned off” for a minute. It happened on April 6, 2013 at the tournament UFC on Fuel TV 9. Fight McGregor was only the fourth from the beginning in that not the most stellar card. But a day later, no one remembered the winner of the main battle of the evening Gegarde Musashi, because everyone was just discussing this Conor McGregor, who had thought up after the fight to snatch a microphone from Kenny Florian and demand a cash bonus for the knockout of the evening.
Floyd Mayweather Jr., around the same period, brought his great series in the tournament to 44 wins in 44 fights. The king of modern boxing then did not pay attention to mixed martial arts. Ahead of him was a fight with the young and daring Saul Alvarez, confrontation with the dirty Marcos Maidana, and the potential super-duel with Manny Pacquiao still did not give rest to the fans of boxing around the planet.

In 2013, when McGregor just appeared in the news, any comparison of boxing with its more than 100-year history, with mixed martial arts, seemed indecent. Many in fact, even recently, and did not know about the existence of the rules in these same battles in the cage. Therefore, the best thing about the contribution of an Irishman to the development of MMA today will be told by one fact: the most powerful boxer of modernity, Floyd Mayweather, returns from retirement in order to call him, MMA fighter Conor McGregor.

“I officially go back to boxing to fight McGregor in June. If he wants this, then let him sign the contract, “said Floyd Mayweather a few days ago.

Floyd Mayweather vs Conor Mcgregor news
Floyd Mayweather vs Conor Mcgregor

What has recently looked like a joke today is taking shape. It’s no longer a nonsense message that the T-Mobile arena in Las Vegas is booked on June 10 for the Mayweather-McGregor fight. Potentially the most box office fight in the history of boxing (with the participation of only one boxer) is possible as never before.

“I officially go back to boxing to fight McGregor in June. If he wants this, then let him sign the contract, “said Floyd Mayweather a few days ago.

In negotiations at such a high level there is always a place for unforeseen circumstances, especially since the duel has not yet been officially announced. But let’s try to imagine how it will be, since we are so aggressively advertised this fight.


And the reasons why the Mayweather-McGregor fight are worth waiting for are several:

1. It’s interesting to everyone!

Perhaps the affected party will feel hardcore boxing fans, for whom the sporting principle is above all. But they will also turn on the TV on June 11, early in the morning, Moscow time. There is no doubt about this. Undoubtedly, they will buy a paid broadcast and the representatives of their sports, who have not received their fight against the star, offended by Conor and Floyd themselves. It does not make any difference how much Mayweather is a more skilled boxer than McGregor (although there can be no doubt about it). When two so famous fighters arrange a show, to resist this – masochism!

2. It is beneficial to both parties.

Floyd Mayweather is not just a favorite in a possible battle with Conor McGregor. Favorite American was in fights with the great Manny Pacquiao, Juan Manuel Marquez and young star Saul Alvarez. In conscience, each of these boxers in all hands should destroy McGregor in the ring. Because Floyd chose not that ideal – a fantastic option to profitably return to boxing, and at the same time to break the record of Rocky Marciano, having won the 50th victory.

As for McGregor, for him the very fact of such a duel is a victory. Imagine: Conor heroically rushes to the attack, throws dozens of blows, but constantly misses from one of the greatest counterpancers in history and loses a devastating judicial decision. Next – Mayweather’s pension (already for good), huge fees for both and universal respect for the brave McGregor, who gave way when trying to do the impossible. For Mayweather, such a victory, of course, will turn into a squall of criticism worse than after the battle with Andre Berto. But Floyd was never the general favorite, and without that.

3. It is beneficial to the sport.

If you think that in the promotion of this fight from boxing and MMA only two people participated – you are mistaken. Since the inception of the conflict under the name “Mayweather vs. McGregor “about a dozen representatives of the main shock sports offered to arrange something like this with their direct participation. Even Conor himself, apparently when there were problems in negotiations with Mayweather Promotions, hinted that he would not mind destroying Manny Pacquiao himself in two rounds. The latter did not take the challenge seriously, of course. However, among other boxers interest in the Irish still arose. The most active fight with Notorius at different times was like Paulie Malignaggi, Amir Khan and most recently Vasily Lomachenko.

But only the possibility of Conor McGregor’s victory over Floyd Mayweather personally, I would have assessed with even less probability than the historical “Barcelona”.

From the MMA, too, are willing to try themselves in a prominent fight by the rules of boxing. Nate Diaz, the classic opponent of McGregor, even got a license, and Jose Aldu nearly quit the UFC for the pro boxing half a year ago. Well, the other famous semi-legacy of the UFC – Cab Swanson – generally offered almost the most sensible idea on this topic. The fighter rightly pointed out that boxing nights are usually held on the principle of “main battle + everyone else”, while the flagship in mixed martial arts company UFC usually stuffs big tournaments with several status battles. In this regard, Swanson proposed to hold not just a fight Mayweather – McGregor, but a whole tournament with fights of representatives of the MMA against boxers. This, of course, surrealism. However, the very fact that such an idea was expressed publicly, along with many willing to implement it, allows us to hope that in the foreseeable future we will see such an interesting card.

4. The UFC will only benefit from this fight.

One of the main obstacles to the battle is employer McGregor. It has long been no secret to anyone that the UFC is working with its fighters under exclusive contracts, which do not allow them to perform in other organizations and shock sports. But almost a year ago the company changed the owner, to whom this transaction was worth several billion dollars. Therefore it is not surprising that the course of development of the UFC has since changed markedly. Instead of painstakingly growing stars, than the company has been doing successfully under the previous owners, the new owners obviously aim at the momentary “repelling” of the funds invested in the UFC. This is easy to explain the permanent temporary titles, strange fights, such as Bisping-Saint-Pierre and massive layoffs of sturdy, but not stellar fighters, who asked for salary increases. In this regard, the UFC should not simply not interfere with the Mayweather deal with McGregor, but on the contrary – it is simply obliged to make its participation in it maximally, in order to also receive material benefit from such a large event.

5. In sport there is always a place for a miracle.

Recently, “Barcelona” for the first time in the history of the Champions League was able to recoup after 0: 4 from “PSG”. 6: 1 in the second leg at the “Know Camp” otherwise than as a miracle you will not name. But only the possibility of Conor McGregor’s victory over Floyd Mayweather personally, I would have assessed with even less probability than the historical “Barcelona”. Of course, Conor is a damned gifted drummer with a great sense of distance, timing and lethal left. But this is by the standards of MMA. And in the nearest fight he will be opposed not just a professional boxer, but the best representative of this sport in recent years. And then again comes to mind the comparison of football: the most technical kid in the yard can endlessly “twist” the whole box with feints, but the chances to make at least one useful action on the field with professionals he will not be much more than zero.
In 2013, when McGregor just appeared in the news, any comparison of boxing, with its more than a century of history, with mixed martial arts, seemed indecent.

Floyd Mayweather Jr., the ex-champion in five weight classes, has beaten almost all of his greatest contemporaries and has never even been knocked down. Imagine that a man who started relatively little in the combat arts – and Konor was already the first teenager to strike the first blow on the sack – will be able to hit the most ingenious defensive boxer in history at least once, it is very difficult. But it was just as hard to imagine a few years ago that McGregor would be able to simultaneously win two UFC belts, concurrently killing Jose Aldu, Chad Mendez and Eddie Alvarez. In addition, do not forget that Conor is larger than Floyd, and his hands are longer by several centimeters. All this at least promises us a full fight, and as a maximum – gives hope to the greatest apset in the history of combat sports. The case for small – organize the fight itself.

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